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My Experience at Medicia Clinic, Dubai Healthcare City

After a rather active and stressful week, I was given the opportunity to try a couple of treatments at Medicia Clinic in Dubai Healthcare City. Medicia is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine Clinic with a primary focus on Ayurveda as a method to combat illness. One of their main goals is to bring forth this ancient and effective Indian science to the world, and to bring the human mind and body back to nature’s core.

I have undergone a couple of Ayurveda treatments and massages before. However, Medicia was on another level altogether. The infrastructure and interiors are plush, matching up to international standards. At the same time, one feels a certain sense of calm as they set foot onto the premises. After all, Ayurveda is about an internal and external cleanse – and Medicia provides a holistic atmosphere to expediate the process.

Dr. Tina Dias

The team at Medicia is headed by Dr. Tina Dias, a thorough professional who is also a delightful person to converse with! She is a registered and certified doctor of CAM – Ayurveda and is well versed with every aspect of this field. Her team comprises of certified and licensed therapists, and they always dish out the best service for the patients.


My first treatment was Abhyanga – an Ayurvedic oil massage. This is an Oleation treatment that is conducted using seven specific postures and strokes. It totally relaxes the body and mind.

Overtime, several toxins and impurities build up inside our body. The purpose of Abhyanga is to remove these impurities. The massage also has several benefits such as increasing blood circulation, toning of muscles, calming the nerves, relieving joint pain, detoxification, increasing stamina levels, improving the quality of sleep and increasing your overall mental alertness. The therapists at Medicia are highly qualified, and every treatment is bespoke, depending on the current needs of the patient. Even the oil used is based on the ailments that need to be alleviated.


Another effective ayurvedic treatment is the Kizhi treatment. Warm boluses, created with medicated herbs and leaves, are heated and applied with slight pressure onto the body for sudation. As I had a subtle pain in my shoulder and neck area, it was the main focus of my treatment. Kizhi can be done over a period of time, and can heavily reduce pain and arthritis!

Face Mask

Before applying a wonderful herbal face mask, the therapist massaged my face with an oil. The oil used depends on the type of skin of the patient. It serves as a great base and cleanser. After application, and subsequent removal of the mask, my face felt soft and fresh for the whole day. Medicia offers several beauty treatment packages for various skin problems.


The entire clinic is top notch and matches up to international standards of hygiene and healthcare. After a relaxing massage, I was promptly ushered into a state-of-the-art steam room where I could unwind. Everything is completely spick and span, and patients are treated with utmost care!

I highly recommend Medicia! For more informational, head over to their facebook page:


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