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Human Beings are Like a Canvas

For the longest time, I have had this thought. We all start out with a blank canvas. The texture of the canvas might be different (our genes), and the artists might be different (our family, friends, loved ones). But we are a blank canvas.

As time passes the whiteness of that canvas fades and is replaced by colour. Various perceptions, judgements colour our mind. Right and Wrong. This or that. Love and hate.

The whiteness in the canvas represents our purity. The innocence that we come into the world.

For example, the first thing we ever do when we come into this world is cry. Right?

But as we grow older we are told not to cry. That it’s a sign of weakness. We have to hide the pure act of crying. There is nothing more honest and innocent than a vulnerable bout of crying. It’s an outlet for emotions.

When we are younger, we are always distracted. One minute our attention is a toy. The next minute we want candy. But even so, we are giving our hundred percent attention the particular activity at that time. Our canvas is blank. There is nothing else to see.

When we become adults are canvas is filled to the brim with colours. All mixed up. You can’t make anything out. It’s the most abstract of abstract paintings. We continuously think about the past, fear for the future. Our attention is never really hundred percent.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, try to take a few colours out of your canvas. Try to redeem that purity that you were born with. The innocence of just being someone who is not clouded by the opinions drilled onto you over the years. Try and look into the core of your being.

Try looking and you will see.

You are white.

Source of Keychain: Prague


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