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The Three Truths – the Man Whose Mind I Cannot Read Part 2

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I’m with the person whose mind I cannot read. We met in Adelaide. He said he would tell me the truth behind everything. Behind life itself.

It’s so funny. My whole life I have been trying to escape from the voices inside of people’s heads. I never wanted to know their secrets. I never wanted to be a part of their judgement. I never wanted to become a part of them.

Yet here I am with this man. This person whose mind I cannot read. And I so desperately want to know what he is thinking.

On the ferry to Kangaroo Island, he doesn’t speak much. This is the place he said we would go. “The land beyond.” I imagined some sort of a monastery on an obscure hill.

“Are you disappointed that we are going to kangaroo island?” he asks.

“Not too much. I heard it’s beautiful there.”

“In order to understand sometimes, it’s better to go to an unfamiliar environment. After all, aren’t we more open with strangers sometimes, than people we hold dear to us?”

I think of my parents and nod.

“What is your name?” I ask

“How does it matter?” the man replies.

He looks at me intently for a second.

“I will tell you the three truths of life today. Here is the first. Whatever you identify yourself. Your name. Your job. Your passion. The fact that you can read minds. When you ask yourself “why me?” It’s all because of your ego. Your ego says you are something or nothing. It drives you to reach great heights or destroy yourself. But ultimately there is nothing called ego in your actual core. In your actual core, the differentiation doesn’t exist.”

I try to take this in.

“What happens if I try to drop this ego?”

“You will find something precious?”


“Wait until the second truth.”

The ferry stops at the island. We get onto a bus. Our first stop is a cliff covered in unusual rocks. Erosion has naturally sculpted the rocks through the sea water. There is one rock with a hole inside. One child who is playing around decides to jump into the hole and hide. The mother comes moments later looking frantic. She calls out for her son. I can read her mind. She is hoping her son is safe and hasn’t fallen off the cliffs.

I go up to her and point her to her son. She thanks me and hurries to him. First she looks relieved then she scolds him.

“A love of a mother cannot be rivalled.” The man, witnessing the entire scene, comments.

I think about what he said for a moment. Love. Is Love the answer?

“If you drop your ego, what’s left beneath is pure love. That’s the second truth isn’t it?”

The man looks at me as though he is a proud father of a son who has counted until ten for the first time.

“Yes but not the limited definition of love that you are thinking about.” He stares at the sea. “Love is vast yet not often understood. People think of love as the love between a mother and a child. Or love in a romantic sense. But it isn’t only this. Love fills your every pore. Your every atom. Your ever molecule. Love is as to fit in space and as flexible as to fit in a grain of sand. True love is that of the divine and of the self. It cannot be measured. It’s who you truly are. You are pure love.”

My whole life I have cursed the gift of mind reading. I kept thinking people are petty. They do things one moment and completely change their mind the next. But if I think of people as love. As pure love walking down this earth. As people who are love and have strayed a little, then maybe I can accept my gift a bit more.

“I see that you are starting to accept your gift more.” The man said.

“Yes, perhaps. What is the third truth?” I ask

“Let’s go visit the seals and then I shall tell you.”

There is a beach on Kangaroo island that is filled with Australian fur seals. They are only present in Kangaroo Island and some parts of New Zealand. A cute baby seal is playing with its siblings. They are making happy sounds, as though they don’t have any cares in the world.

Some seals are emerging from the ocean, fish in their mouth. They probably want to feed the young ones.

Another pair of seals disappears into the ocean. It’s their turn to hunt.

“The third truth is pretty much like those disappearing seals. They disappeared, and now we wonder. Were they ever real in the first place? Similarly, once you drop your ego and realize that you are only made of love, you slowly start to realize that nothing around you is reality except for this love. Everything else is “Maya” or illusion. Your car, your house, your attachments, your worries. They will end once your body on this earth ends as well. What stays on is the spirit. The spirit that is attached with the divine. Your self, that is invincible. The love harvested within. This is the ultimate truth.”

For some reason tears well up in my eyes. Although I do not completely understand, and perhaps will not in this lifetime, I now know that my worries were never real to begin with. That the only reality is the self. That my “ego” is rejecting my gift of reading minds. That I need to actually let go of these inhibitions and perhaps help others? I should manifest the love that is already within.

“I hope I have taught you a couple of things today. “

I hug the man. “You really did.”

We watch the sun set and the stars set in.

“My job here is done. If our paths cross again, maybe we will meet again.” Saying this he leaves. Our meeting was as temporary as the passing wind.

Now I feel as though I am not restricted anymore. The shackles are coming off one at a time.

I’m becoming free.

Free with the truth.

Source of keychain: Kangaroo Island, South Australia.


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