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How to Let Go of Your Past

Sometimes, events stick with you that are so difficult to forget. It could be anything – a breakup, getting fired from your job, a fight with a loved one. We all have regrets in life, but maybe it’s time to let go.

Here’s how you can try:

1) Realize that it isn’t real now


What happened in your past was very real then. But is it real right now? That’ event is over and every second you breathe, new cells form in your body, and you change. That is true reality. The past went by like a dream, but the only place it has remained is in your mind. Realize your present reality. Realize what is now.

2) Forgive yourself and others


We might blame others for our past mistakes, but the person we blame the most is ourselves. Forgive yourself. What was meant to happen, happened. There might not have been any way to stop it. Forgive yourself and others and become free of bonds.

3) Write down goals


Writing down goals is a good way to stay occupied – and staying occupied is a good way to stop thinking of the past. Write down what you want to achieve in the next few weeks, months or years and then act on making them your reality.

4) Meditate


Meditation removes impressions from the mind. By relaxing and breathing, your memory stops holding onto terrible impressions. They become free from the subconscious mind. You can start small by trying guided meditations on Youtube. Realize the brevity of life

5) Realize the brevity of life


We all live and then die eventually. Do you want to spend eighty years as a mortal, holding on to the past and churning it over and over in your mind? You are all going to leave this world at one point. Realizing how short your life is might help you get over events fast.

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  1. So, in Uganda, when people go through a very traumatic experience (like losing a child), the mother will receive, in her home, many other people grieving (similar to a wake, only more private). Mothers who had also gone through a similar loss would tell their stories to the newly grieving. This helps everyone to grieve and put this negative experience in perspective. It’s great traditional psychology!


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