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10 Travel Essentials That You Can’t Do Without

Making travelling comfortable and easy is all about carrying the right products. Here is a list that I have compiled of some of my favorite products along with their brands:

1. Mini Bodyshop Shower Gels/ Shampoos


I love bodyshop because they are against animal testing and are perfect for sensitive skin. Bodyshop sells these tiny bottles that are perfect for travel. They are not too expensive either, ranging from AED 15 to AED 20.

2. Typo Travel Cushions


So you get travel cushions almost anywhere in the world but the ones at Typo are seriously cute. I have one which has the world map all over it. They are also really comfortable.

3. A Gap Hoodie


I would suggest getting a gap hoodie that is at least two sizes larger than your original hoodie size. This is because it serves as a blanket/eye patch. You can put the extra-large hood over your eyes to block out the light, and snuggle in your extra-large hoodies during long bus journeys and flights.

4. A Delsey Four-Wheel Carry On


I have been on several low budget airlines. To save money, I have usually only stuffed a week’s worth of luggage into my Delsey Carry-on as you have to pay to check-in your baggage. Not only are these bags feather-light to begin with, they are deceptively spacious on the inside. Definitely recommend this!

5. Hand Sanitizer/Wet Wipes


I am not mentioning a favorite for this one because I don’t mind any brand. But you must put one of these in your hand bag at all times. This is especially during long journeys where bathroom stops might not be as frequent.

6. Solar Powered Portable Charger

Levin Solstar Solar Panel Charger 6000mAh

This solar powered portable charger is a great buy. You can carry it around with you and charge it everywhere. This is especially useful during treks.

7. Universal Adapter


I can’t stress how important this particular item is. Please just carry this with you everywhere. My recommended one is eBoot Universal All-In-One Power Adapter Charger.

8. Sunglasses


Whether you’re travelling during winter or summer, you must carry a pair of these! My personal favorite pair is Rayban Aviators. Can never go wrong with these.

9.Waterproof Phone Cover


This can really help in places with rainy weather and when exploring the sea. When I went snorkeling in Cairns I did not have one of these and wasn’t able to capture the amazing things I saw there.

10. Sports Shoes


So you may go to a place with only sandals, only to realize that there are adventure activites which have a strict sports-shoes dress code. Woopsie! This has happened to me several times. So I strongly suggest that you take your sports shoes along with you. I personally prefer Nike, but the brand is up to you!


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