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Top 5 Favorite Shounen Manga/Anime

I’m an anime/manga lover. I can spend hours on google reading theories about a particular anime and not get bored. I just love how awesome and unique manga stories and drawings are. They are certainly a huge source of inspiration for me and feed my already wild imagination. Shonen Manga is targeted at teenage boys but has a much wider appeal than that.

Here are my top five favorite Shonen manga in reverse order:

5) One Piece: This manga by Eichiro Oda, is at the number one spot for nearly all shonen manga readers. But the only reason I have put it at 5th is because it’s super long and I haven’t manage to be up-to-date with it. It follows the adventures of Luffy, the boy with a special rubber-like ability and his adventures to become the pirate king. He gathers a crew overtime and they defeat other pirates, as well as, marines who are after them. The plot, characters, fights and art are so amazing. One minute you’ll be laughing your ass off and the next you’ll be wiping away a river of tears. Definitely worth a read!

4) Beck: Beck is a must-read manga for musician. It follows the story of X who learns how to play the guitar and eventually joins the band BECK. The story progresses as the indie Japanese rock band work their way to the international stage. It’s full of references to rock-music legends and the way it’s drawn makes you feel as though the music is actually playing. Totally awesome.

3) Death Note: Who hasn’t heard of this manga? It’s been adapted into an anime and a movie. The story consists of a genius investigator called L, an even more genius criminal Light Yagami and a notebook. The person who has the notebook has the power to kill anyone whose name they write on it. What follows is a dark and twisty version of ‘Catch me if you can.” This manga is made to give the reader chills!

2) Attack on Titan: This manga isn’t for people who can’t handle gore. The main theme of the story revolves around humanity versus these huge beings called titans. Titans literally look like giants. But there’s a catch- they look like giant humans. Another catch- they eat humans. Humanity has been forced to live on a really small patch of land surrounded by protective walls after the titans have wiped out most of the race. They have been living like this for 100 years in peace…until the Titans break through the wall. What ensues is an epic battle of revelations, mysteries and skill which makes the reader wonder who the real enemy is.

1) Naruto: Need I say any more about this manga? It’s the story of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Japanese-speaking ninja who never gives up. I might be biased about making this first, but it was the first manga I ever read and the story progressed really well (until the last war arc that is). It had a really nice ending and will forever be etched in my heart.



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