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Five Reasons NOT to Go to the Sundarbans Tiger Reserves in Bengal

While I was in Calcutta, our research suggested that we to go to the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve by boat. It was one of the most horrific experiences I have ever had as a tourist. Here are five reasons why you should not go, if you are thinking of going. If you aren’t thinking of going, this article will entertain you in any case:

1) You Don’t Actually See Any Tigers

butterfly lion

Yup, you read that right. There are only 209 tigers in acres and acres of jungle land, and it’s very rare to spot one. So if you see one it all depends on your fate. Trust me, don’t waste your time.

2) There Are Many, MANY Bees


Apparently they thought it’s okay to leave this out of their website, but there are thousands of bees swarming around my boat. The thing I m most afraid of in the world at bees. Awesome for me right? And guess what? I even got stung by a bee later into the ride. I literally didn’t do anything, but still got stung. It died shortly after (since bees die after they sting humans). It was clearly a suicidal bee.

3) Sanitation? What Sanitation?


The “luxury” boats given to us by the tour operators were as far from it as imaginable. The bathrooms are the ones you see in nightmares. I do not wish to divulge the gory details.

3) Monkeys Attack


My mom who had taken some wet-wipes to the bathroom, was attacked by a monkey who clearly thought the wet-wipes packet was some juicy fruit. He literally climbed on her a stole it, before running off into the wilderness. Thankfully nothing happened to my mom, but I hope the monkey doesn’t eat the wet-wipes lest it get diarrhoea.

4) You See a Lot of Roots


The tour guide took it upon himself to explain every single root species at the Sunderbans as if we actually cared. Unless you are a botanist, I highly suggest you do not go!

As for Calcutta, I mainly shopped there. I could buy many books, clothes and accessories. I would suggest going to New Market, Oxford Bookshop on Park Street, and South City Select Mall for a good shopping experience.

Source of keychain: Khattar and Sons, Kolkata


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