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Eight Lessons Travelling Has Taught Me

Exploring a new place is bound to alter your perspective on life. Everywhere I go is different and unique.

Here are eight lessons I have learnt through travelling:

1) The world is a big place

Well this one is obvious at first. But we rarely realize it. We’re always in our own little box of thoughts and emotions, going about our day, floating through existence. But in reality, the world is a huge place. Once you get out of your comfort zone and travel, you realize that something besides yourself and your city exists on this planet. And that makes a huge difference.

2) Language doesn’t actually matter

Sure there are hundreds of languages spoken all over the world. But it really doesn’t matter. As per my experience, locals are extremely willing to help tourists in any way they can, even if they don’t understand your language. Body language and gestures are more than enough to convey something.

3) You’re always in the present moment

Remember when you were a child and you observed something new? You attention hardly wavered from that object. Well- you probably don’t remember but that’s what children do when they are curious. Similarly, when you are in a new place, everything grabs your attention. At that moment, you are made to step away from your thoughts and focus on what is happening on the ‘now.’ It’s a great feeling and one to be cherished.

4) Most expensive does not mean the best

Several places I have stayed have been mere backpackers, but the service has been excellent. On the other hand, five star hotels have been seriously disappointing. I guess we all fall for the whole high price means better quality gimmick, but nowadays the power of word-of-mouth has grown to new heights. You can easily check hotel reviews and find out the truth.

5) Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Since opposite values are complimentary, although travelling opens up your world to new prospects, it also makes you appreciative of your routine at home. Travelling does tend to get hectic and constant exploring is not everyone’s cup of tea. Once you’re back from your trip, you tend to appreciate home life so much more.

6) Spontaneity is greater than set plans

Sometimes I have planned my trips down to every last second. But honestly, the most exciting trips have been those that weren’t really planned. We just went with the flow. You see, expectations tend to reduce joy. When we plan and plan and the outcome isn’t satisfactory – we might be disappointed. But when we make spontaneous decisions we don’t know what to expect, and that leads to an awesome outcome.

7) You can’t travel with everyone

Being friends with someone and choosing a travel buddy can be two extremely different things. You can be really close to someone, but want very different things while on a trip. One friend might want to shop while you might want to explore. The unnecessary drama during trips should definitely be avoided. Always choose the right people to travel with so that you can have a good time.

8) You have to leave your judgement aside

Just because you aren’t comfortable with a particular custom or tradition, that doesn’t mean it is wrong. What’s not normal in your eyes is normal in another person’s eyes. You have to be open to different cultures and traditions. If you aren’t try and find out why a particular thing happens. Form an educated opinion and then speak about it.

Yup! Pretty much sums up lessons I have learnt. Go out and travel everyone!

What lessons have you learnt if you have?

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