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Wadi Adventure Review

Wadi Adventure is located in Al Ain, near a snug and cozy range of mountains . We went there by taking a bus from Al-Gubaiba bus station that takes you straight to Al-Ain town. From there we took a 20 minutes taxi ride.

The concept of Wadi adventure is super awesome. They try to give it a very adventurous-yet-natural appeal, and it works. There are numerous packages available for all adventure-seekers.

We took the adventure package which includes river-rafting and the air park. Each activity was for around 1 hour to 1 hour fifteen minutes.

Here’s my experience:

River Rafting: Having never been river rafting before, I think this was a good and safe way to get some experience.  The river is not actually real, but has all the necessary elements for rafting such as rapids, torrents, miniature drops etc. Our rafting guide was a fellow from Nepal who has loads of real experience so we were in good hands. We were made to practice in a calm pool on the raft for five minutes to get a hang of the technique, after which we proceeded to the pseudo-river! Overall it was a great and pleasant experience. It certainly wasn’t as scary as I expected it to be, but was a lot of fun none-the-less. We went on four rounds of the river and stopped due to fatigue. You can hardly feel the sun because you get completely wet. A piece of advice – wear swimming gear.

Fear Factor- 5/10

Thrill factor- 9/10

Air Park: The air park had multiple activities so I will divide them into three:

– The Giant Swing: It’s kind of difficult to describe this swing, but to give you an idea, you are harnessed to a giant log which is taken up to a great height and dropped. As a result, you swing along with it like a pendulum. The swing looks scary when you see others on it, which causes the initial fear. When you are suspended in the air attached to the log, in anticipation of the drop, it’s scary as well. But the actual drop isn’t as scary. The swing swings multiple times before finally coming to a halt which causes slight dizziness. Overall worth one try.

Fear Factor- 7/10

Thrill Factor- 10/10

-The Obstacle Course: So, this obstacle course has two levels, and they are both located at least a story above the ground. You’re basically harnessed to a chain thingy above so you possibly cannot fall. However, rationality doesn’t necessary kick in when you’re walking on a steel string in mid-air without any support except for a few hanging ropes at certain intervals. There were many such incredibly scary and adrenaline pumping obstacles to pass through. Once you do trip from an obstacle and your harness catches you, you realize that you’re safe and the fear does subside a little. Word of caution- don’t look down.

Fear Factor- 8/10

Thrill Factor- 7/10

-The Zip-line: I’ve been zip-lining before and it’s always been quite refreshing. In zip-lining you’re basically tied to a harness which is connected to a long wire in a slanting position. You’re then pushed downwards and follow the string’s path. This activity isn’t scary according to me and just fun. However, it could be scary for some. Below me there were the fake rivers.

Fear Factor- 5/10

Thrill Factor- 10/10

You can book your tickets at the Wadi Adventure website.

Source of keychain: Wadi Adventure souvenir shop, Al Ain.




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