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A Private Detective in Sentosa Island

I follow the couple as they enter the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

They kiss outside the reception.


The man holds the woman by the waist.


They get into an elevator while holding hands.


This should be enough evidence for my client. I head back home and email these pictures to her.

My client is the wife of the man in the picture. The woman in the picture is not his wife.

I am a private detective based in Singapore. I make a living by following people around creepily while clicking pictures of them and finding out more information than meets the eye.

My speciality is catching adulterous humans.

How did I get into this line of work you ask? Well I was a normal corporate bloke just like everyone else. I used to be a Business Development manager before.

Before my wife cheated on me.

I didn’t see the clues of cheating at first. But then I noticed weird behaviour on my wife’s part. She would dress up a lot when going out with her “friends.” She would come home super late. She smelled of Cologne.

The final blow was those profane text messages.

Anyhow, ever since then, I have dedicated my life to catching those who cheat.

Disloyal people are the worst scum.

The morning after the Marina Bay Sands incident, I have to trail another client’s husband – Mrs. Suji Wang’s husband, Lee Wang. She suspects that he has been cheating on her for a few years now with a much younger woman. She finally decided to call a private detective when she saw some photos on social media of the couple. Apparently they are meeting today at Sentosa Island which she deciphered through a text message.

I see them meet at VIVO mall. Mr. Wang gives this young woman a bouquet.


They head towards the highest floor, where they can catch a train to Sentosa. I stalk them and sit on the compartment next door.

Both of them talk animatedly about something or the other. I am not close enough to hear them. The girl looks very excited though. She is quite a beauty and must be around twenty-three. Why is she hanging around with an old fart like Mr. Wang?

They get off at the Sentosa station and head straight for Candylicious. I observe from outside. The girl darts across the entire shop, picking up candy on the way. The old man looks at her lovingly. He pays for all the candy she buys. They take selfies next to the Candylicious sign where he holds her by the shoulders.


Now they head to Universal studios. Obviously Mr. Wang pays for the young girl. I have to spend money to enter as well. I’ll just bill it to Mrs. Wang.

They click photos in Hollywood Boulevard where the young woman kisses Mr. Wang on the cheek.


They head over to the roller-coasters in the Sci-Fi section, where they ride both the red and blue ones. They hop onto the Transformers ride and scream with delight. After getting down from the ride they walk towards the Mummy ride, their arms intertwined.


In the Far Far Away Land, they watch a 4D Shrek movie. I watch as well, just to keep an eye on what they are doing in a dark theatre. They didn’t do much in here, just watched.

Finally, they head over to the souvenir shop where Mr.Wang buys a keychain for this woman. She squeals in delight and hugs him tightly.


They head out of Universal and stand next to the Icon Singaporean Sea Lion.

Mr. Wang takes the woman’s hand and puts it to his cheek.


For some reason I get really angry. At Mr. Wang. At my wife. At everything I do.

Why do people marry in the first place if they have to cheat?

Their last stop is a bar next to the Sentosa beach. They sit right next to the bar and order two drinks. Whiskey on the rocks I presume.

At one point the man goes to the washroom.

Here’s my chance.

I usually don’t talk to the people I am stalking but something inside me was boiling. I wanted to tell this woman that this man is a cheat. Maybe she doesn’t know he’s married. Maybe she is under some weird spell.

I sit next to the young girl pretending to be drunk.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I ask

She stares at me, a little shocked.

“No, sorry. I’m with someone.”

“Your boyfriend, I presume?”

Before she can answer, Mr. Wang comes back.

“Kiera darling, who is this?” he asks

The person who will expose you. I think.

“Just a stranger passing by. Your girlfriend is very beautiful.” I say.

“Girlfriend?” He asks, amused.

Why are you laughing you old fart? Is what I want to say.

“I’m his daughter.” Says Keira, smiling.

“Daughter? Then where is your mother?” I blurt out.

“She died three years ago. Well, it seems like I won’t ever see you again young chap so I will tell you my story. I have a wife who I love very much. But when I was a teenager, I had a girlfriend. That girl became pregnant and never told me. She just disappeared. Three years ago, I was contacted by this beautiful woman here who turned out to be my daughter. She said her mother is dead and she is studying in Singapore. I didn’t have the heart to tell my wife yet. But I must be brave and tell her.”

“It’s okay dad, I know it can be tough to tell her. Just being with you makes me happy enough.”

I look at both of them. First at Mr. Wang then at Kiera. With my mouth open.

Now that I think about it, everything I saw today and clicked was purely innocent. Just taken in the wrong context.

“Ah, great. I got to go.”

I say and rush off.

I email Mrs. Wang saying that Mr. Wang isn’t having an affair and delete the photos. I hope he tells her soon before she discovers another text message.

I wonder about perceptions and how we judge people based on anything. I sure did today and learnt my lesson.

Tomorrow I have another case. I hope it turns out like this one. A case where no cheating takes place.

This is a work of fiction

Source of keychain: Changi Airport Duty Free, Singapore.



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