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Five Awesome Fictional Languages That You Have Grown up With

Do you talk to yourself in Dothraki sometimes? You’re not alone. Here are five languages that don’t really exist but have been made up my some super creative minds:

1) Simlish

You must have played The Sims at least once in your life. Based off bits and pieces of Ukrainian, French, Latin, Finnish, Icelandic, English, Fijian, Cebuano, and Tagalog, this language has always fascinated me as a kid. They convey their feelings quite accurately through these nonsensical words – especially when they want to fight or “Woo-Hoo.” It never gets old.

2) Parseltongue

The iconic moment when harry spoke Parseltounge for the first time will never be forgotten. It was a time when harry and the readers wondered whether he should have been in Slytherin after all. This slithery snake language has made our hair stand on end at multiple occasions during the movie, and continues to do so (while sitting through Harry Potter marathons).

3) Minion Language

The Minion Language is voiced by the directors of Despicable Me and includes traces of French, English, Spanish and Italian. The “Minions” movie which released earlier this year made me fall in love with the adorableness of this language all over again! ITS SO FLUFFY!

4) Dothraki

All game of thrones fans will know this! Dothraki can sound super sexy when Deanerys uses it to seduce Karl Drogo and really fierce when used during fights. Apparently, the creator of this language sound (for the TVC show) won a contest amongst hundreds of language inventors (yes language inventors exist). There are also more than 3000 words in the Dothraki dictionary that are yet to make an appearance on the show.

5) Elvish

Created by Tolkien, this particular language has an entire lexicon dedicated to its name. Appearing in the Lord of the Rings movies and The Hobbit trilogy, it’s always a pleasure to see the gorgeous elves converse with one another in a soothing made-up language.


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