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Seven Signs You’re a Secret Geek

Okay, I admit. I’m a secret Geek. I admit being a huge fanboy, book loving, anime-junkie. At the same time, I don’t show it much in society and hide my obsession from people I don’t know very well.  But, I know I’m not alone.

So let’s explore that inner goddess…uh….I mean inner geek, and seven tell-tale signs that you are one:

1) You love Anime, manga and/or comics: Yes, you grew up with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura (or any other anime characters). You have seen the anime and when that wasn’t enough, you went to online manga sites and spent endless hours reading about their fictional and kick-ass lives. When you finished reading all currently available manga chapters, you spent double the hours visiting online forums reading various theories. Then you spend days and days coming up with your own before posting them on the forum. You hide your identity online with names such as “Naruto_luver1234”, but you can’t lie to yourself. If not Japanese comics, then you’re hooked onto Superman’s, Spiderman’s and Batman’s life like it’s nobody’s business.

2) You are addicted to Fantasy: While normal people were reading Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”, you were reading A Song of Ice and Fire. Admittedly, you got hooked onto it because of the Game of Thrones TV show, and thought you would “try” out the books. But alas, you couldn’t put them down and finished five volumes in one month. Just like the manga, however, you start facing serious withdrawal symptoms and anger because of all the cliff-hangers and unanswered questions. So, just like manga, you start seeing, prophesizing and believing your own theories and the theories of others. And you also think every round stone is a dragon egg (or maybe that’s just me).

3) You love solving puzzles: While all your friends are playing first person-shooter games, FIFA or temple run, you prefer playing games such as Portal or Lumosity. In fact, instead of watching naughty things on the internet, you Google “lateral thinking puzzles” and wrack your brain trying to solve them, or take multiple IQ tests and compare scores. If you get a jigsaw puzzle, god forbid, you won’t show your face in public until it’s done.

4) You NEED to understand everything: Don’t understand a concept in class? You Google it. Don’t know the meaning of a word? You Google it. Thinking about god and life and trees and the Earth and nuclear physics and quantum mechanics? You Google it. Yes, life with unanswered questions just doesn’t gel well for secret geeks.

5) You’re a tech Guru: Though I can’t personally relate to this one, my inner geek colleagues have the tendency to know about every single gadget in the market. Ranging all the way from the latest automatic pasta maker to the newest version of a drone. Technology is just your thing, and will always be.

6) You’re dating/married to a secret geek: Yes, inner geeks attract other inner geeks, it’s inevitable. You end up speaking about a lot of the nonsense facts, fiction and theories with each other for hours (which only two of you understand). Then you each read your favorite fantasy book, in your own private corner, and go to sleep.

7) You’re into space: Whether it be Star Wars or breaking Interstellar down, space fascinates you to no extent. You often think weird objects in the sky are UFOs and have often dreamt about going into outer space and being part of an epic inter-planet war. You also get disappointed because at the rate technology is progressing, you probably won’t get to travel interstellar distances in this lifetime. But you console yourself by reading the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy and pretending you’re Arthur Dent.

All in all, this is my opinion of what a secret geek is (maybe yours is different). At the end of the day, we are cooler than the rest of the world, and that’s what matters.

Source of keychain: Handmade with Shrinky Dinks


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