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The Instagram Traveller

I’m an Instagram traveler. I have been travelling the world for over two years. I experience my travels through a lens, the lens of my mobile phone. I experience my travels through eyes, not my own, but those of my followers. I have over 100,000 followers now.

I love it when I get more followers or more likes on my photos. Nothing gives me more joy than to see an increase of numbers next to the “heart” icon. My ego goes on a unique trip of it’s own when people comment “wow” and “ooh” and “aah” on my photos.

I love thinking of hashtags for my photos, I always try to click stuff based on latest trends. #this #that. #everythingpossible.

I am currently crusading around northern France. Hardly any tourist ventures into northern France, except for Paris of course. They say the people in the north are mean and cold and unhappy. They say the weather sucks here. Well I like to take risks. I want to upload something on my Instagram that will blow everyone’s socks off. Something that will make me memorable for generations to come.

I had an intuition that that something would be in northern France. So I took a train from Paris to a place called Dunkirk.

Have you heard of the battle of Dunkirk?

It took place on Dunkirk beach during the Second World War.  During this battle, France and its allies warred against the Germans. Over 11,000 people died. The battle eventually lead to an allied evacuation.

The battle took place on Dunkirk beach where I am standing right now. As I look at the beach I try imagining soldiers trying to escape, being killed, and blood everywhere. I take out my mobile phone. Maybe there is a filter which could give this beach a red effect?

I snap and snap away at the various fortresses across the beach. There are caves too, for soldiers to hide out and sneak up on their enemies. I snap and snap at those caves. I zoom in on my camera trying to find some skeletons. No luck unfortunately.

It’s almost sunset now. I find a quaint little spot by the beach and upload my favourite photo of the sea. I find a filter which kind of makes it look like a war zone.

“In the memory of those who died at the Battle of Dunkirk. #rip #Dunkirk #WorldWar2” is my description.

Within seconds I get over forty likes and many comments praising me for thinking about these soldiers. Satisfied with my work I get up to call it a night.

As I stand up a man is staring at me, a gun pointing towards my chest.

How perfect, my followers would think he was a soldier. A spirit come alive from the battlefield. I take out my lens and shoot.


Next think I know I’m lying on the floor, but I don’t die just yet. Not before people see my photo. I upload it.

I experience travelling through this lens and live for the praise of my followers. At least the last thing I ever did was use a hashtag. I’m an Instagram traveler, and this was my story

Source of Keychain: Souvenir shop in Dunkirk

This is a work of fiction


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