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If I Kidnapped a Little Penguin

Hi! I’m Anishka and I’m 10 years old. I have come with my family to Australia all the way from India. We are visiting Melbourne for a week and the week before we went to Sydney. Australia is big and beautiful. When I get married to Ed Sheeran I will stay here with him next to the beach.

Australia has cute kangaroos and fluffy koalas. They have babies in their pouches. I asked mom if I was in her pouch and she said no. I would have liked to be in a pouch as a baby; you don’t have to walk around anywhere. Your mom takes you everywhere and keeps you warm. I even fed these animals! It was so much fun.

I took selfies with the Opera House and rode the tram in Melbourne. I ate such nice food and dad let me eat all the sweets I wanted because we were on vacation. I don’t have any brothers or sisters but I really want one. I’ll make a special pouch for him or her to sit in and be warm.

I love everything about Australia but the thing I love the most are Little Penguins. We saw the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island next to Melbourne, Victoria. Let me tell you a little about them.

First, here’s a picture:

The Little Penguins are the most adorablest and the tiniest penguins in the whole wide world. The tour guide said that they are only present in South Australia and New Zealand. They spend most of their time at sea getting food for their families. They could be away for a few weeks to 6 months at sea! At sunset a bunch of penguins come back from their long journey into their tiny nest-like homes. These penguins even have friends- the seals swimming around!

At sunset we humans watch these penguins come out of the sea and waddle to their houses after they hunt for the day. We watch in hundreds and try to spot as many as we can. We can see a pack of twenty going together to their house, a Little Penguin husband protecting his wife and kids. The humans follow them on a pathway with a fence until they reach their destination. We aren’t allowed to touch them though.

Looking at these tiny creatures I wondered, “What If I kidnapped a Little Penguin?”

If I kidnapped a Little Penguin I could hold him tightly as I sleep, dreaming of candy and toys and Ed Sheeran.

If I kidnapped a Little Penguin I could dress him or her up and we could play all day long. I could pinch its cheeks and cuddle with it until I was satisfied.

If I kidnapped a Little Penguin we could see the Ed Sheeran concert together- it could be the best man or the bridesmaid at my wedding.

If I kidnapped a Little Penguin I could talk to it as my parents argue about silly things, and drown out all the noise.

If I kidnapped a Little Penguin I would take him to school. I would show him to all the bullies who make fun of my weight and write mean things on my desk. Maybe this Little Penguin can scratch them so they won’t bother me anymore. Maybe my Penguin can wipe away my tears at night as I cry because of these bullies.

If I kidnapped a Little Penguin I would try to forget the time when I myself was kidnapped, but found after a week. I would try to forget how little I ate during that week and erase it from my mind.

If I kidnapped a Little Penguin I would upload videos with him on Youtube. I would use my Penguin’s cuteness to get attention. I would ask people to pray for those children who don’t have any place to sleep or food to eat. I would beg these adults to help them in anyway way they can. I am a child and I get pocket money. But adults earn money. I would plead with them to share their money with those who need it. I would beg all the mean people to stop violence and killing and to live well with each other.

I saw a baby Little Penguin who had crossed the fence by mistake and no one was in sight. It was the perfect opportunity to kidnap it!

I extended my hand out and nearly grabbed it…

Then I remembered how scared I was when I was kidnapped. How much I missed my mom and dad. How sick I fell.

I didn’t kidnap the little penguin and the park ranger put it back through the fence. It waddled home towards its parents.

If I kidnapped a Little Penguin I would certainly be happy, but the Little Penguin might not.

So I won’t kidnap one today and buy a soft toy and keychain instead.

Source of keychain: Souvenir shop at penguin parade, Phillip Island

This is a work of fiction



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