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Top 5 Things to Do in Paris in 2 Days or Less

Paris Je t’aime

My 4 month stint in France left me with mixed emotions. I explored a whole lot of northern French cities which is rare for any tourist. Foreigners prefer the elegant and warmer cities of Cannes and Lyon. However, I truly enjoyed my visit to the cold Northern cities as I learnt about numerous cultural nuances and differences in France.

The first city I will talk about it is one that everyone knows about- Paris.

I stayed in Lille, and the commute from Lille to Paris took around an hour. Thus I went to Paris two or three times for one day visits. I had to make the most of my time. We took a hop-on, hop-off bus (I love these things) and explored the sites we found interesting.

Here are my top 5 favourite things to do in Paris, and if you’re there for 2 days or less, this might be a good way to spend it:

1) Visit the Louvre


The Louvre is super famous for hosting the Mona Lisa amongst other famous artistic pieces. But this is not why I recommend it. The way the Louvre is designed is super unique. The glass pyramid entrance coupled with modern interior design, enhances the appeal of all the ancient relics displayed inside. I’ve been wanting to go to the Louvre ever since playing Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (where she breaks into it) and my wish came true!

2) Walk to the Sacré-Cœur


This amazing basilica is often called the sacred heart of Paris and is located on the city’s highest point. One can reach the church either through climbing stairs carved on the hill, or by taking a cable-car. We walked up the stairs and it was totally worth as we got a beautiful view of Paris city. The exterior of the Sacré-Cœur was simply breath-taking, while the inside was filled with peaceful and melodic hymns. Definitely worth a visit during sunset!

3) Drinking coffee shots in a Parisian café


I hate coffee, but the experience of sitting in an outdoor Parisian Café makes up for the bitterness. These array of parlours are located outside the Opera House and one can sit there for hours- looking at the gentry passing by. A perfect treat for a chilly winter evening.

4) Walk along the river Seine


Cruises are well and good, but walking gives you the true essence of the place. The Seine River stretches a long way in Paris, so it’s not possible to conquer the entire thing, but it is possible to cover a few bridges. Each bridge has fascinating historical significance which can excite even the biggest history-hater.

5) Shop at the Champs-Elyse


How can a trip to Paris be complete without shopping at the Champs-Elyse? It’s literally a girl’s haven as you will find every brand of fashion that matters. Even if you aren’t looking to shop you can always click photos next to the Arc de Triomphe or enjoy brunch at amazing restaurants.

So yeah, these are my favorite things to do in Paris. I didn’t put the Eiffel tower, by the way, because that’s a given.

Until next time!

Source of keychain: Random Souvenir shop in Paris


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